Coloramas Christmas Dreams Market Set

Available by request from N99

Request this set from N99

Includes 2 Gingerbread Stands, Fruit stand, Sweet Stand, Sausage Stand, Bakery, Hot Punch Stand, Bags/Gloves Stand, Vine Stand, Tree Vendor, Candle Stand, Tea Stand, Teddy Stand, Carousel & Carousel Horses, 2 Entertainers (Santa & Angel), and 7 Cash Registers with NPCs

Please note: The "NEW in 2004" version Carousel Horses, and the Teddy Shop are NOT available for download at the Colorama Yahoo!Group. You may request these at N99's Colorama's Christmas Dreams Market Set request thread.

Eating Area Santa Entertainer NPC (close-up) Santa and Anel entertainer NPCs 7 Cashier NPCs