Sims Levittown

An authentic trip through the fabulous 1950's using the popular PC game THE SIMS 1

The Sims Levittown project is a massive set of houses, objects, walls, floors, two families worth of characters with custom skins and even a few custom globals.

This mega-set was created and introduced in as a series of installments. Each installment, centering around a new house or houses, is built upon the previous installment and so uses MANY of the same files. Each also introduces a host of exciting new files that Mike'd worked on since.

N99 still distributes the set in this fashion, however, due to the size of each installment it is necessary to break the installments down into multiple smaller zip files. (10 meg or less for emailing)

In addition to the Sims Levittown Project, Mike made other objects, skins, and even an extra (houseless) family. Knowing that some people may love the theme but not wish to use the houses, Mike did include some of the Project's files in his Downloads section. So while each does have files that are not available in the other, when you request both the Houses zips and the Downloads zips (aka "All Files") you will receive some duplicate files.

Welcome to Sims Levittown!

"The most perfectly planned community in America"

The Sims Levittown project originally began as a personal project that was later shared with the public. On his original website Mike explained:

Given my esteem for the late William Levitt, and my fondness for this wonderful era in general, it is probably not surprising that when I brought home my first version of THE SIMS DELUXE EDITION about five years ago, I immediately started tinkering around with the inner mechanicals and graphics, trying to find a way to make the game reflect more the era, architecture, and values that are close to my heart.

Over the fall and winter of 2005 I was struck ill with liver disease, and was unable to leave the house much. In my more lucid moments I amused myself by creating several hundred new objects for a project I call THE SIMS LEVITTOWN.

Eventually I became a little burnt-out and put the game aside. Recently I revisited it, and realized it might be nice to share all this frittered-away late night creativity with other people who might be amused by it.

The progressive nature of the house downloads on SIMS LEVITTOWN enable each new house to have fresh and interesting objects, while keeping the file sizes manageable. All of the new houses available at Sims Levittown will always require that you first install all of the houses that precede it.