Sims Levittown

An authentic trip through the fabulous 1950's using the popular PC game THE SIMS 1

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Walter Philly

Populate your New Levittown

The year is 1954, and Walter and his family have just moved to Levittown from a cramped apartment in Philadelphia. When Angie first set eyes upon their new home at 15 Holly Hill Lane, the lawn was muddy and the paint job was unfinished. She broke into tears — of joy. "We had achieved the American Dream," said Walter, who still chokes on the emotion when repeating the story.

(This family comes complete with pajamas and evening wear.)

How to have this family in your game:

Download the skins and meshes. Unzip them and install into gamedata/skins, or use Sim File Maid.

Download the FAM file. Install the FAM file Philly_20 in userdata/import. The family will show up in "import family" in neighborhood view. This family is houseless, they will import into the family selection screen.

NPC "Grand!"

The Prefect Butler

Here we have a kind of bargain-basement, affordable housekeeper. Click on "Grand" in your game phone menu to see all he does.

The "Grand" skin-mesh is based on the father of a friend of [Mike's] who later became the inspiration for a character in a book [Mike was] finishing up, Mom, Aunt Suzy, and Trouble.


    Skins Packs:
  • Ladies Heads 2
  • 50's Kids Skin Pack
  • 50's Ladies Pajamas Pack
  • 1950's Adult Skins Pack #1

Populate your New Levittown