Sims Levittown

An authentic trip through the fabulous 1950's using the popular PC game THE SIMS 1

Items for the not-so-spic-n-span household!

Messy-house Zip-pack

We all have challenges don't we? Some of us manage to hide our shortcomings rather well. Unfortunately, if you are challenged in the area of housework, your challenges are all-too-visible, and hard to hide from neighbors, friends, and mothers-in-law.

    Messy-house Zip-pack contains:
  • Translucent Walldirt "paintings"
  • Translucent Floordirt "rugs"
  • sink with dirty dishes
  • electric range with last week's cooking project
  • cluttered counters
  • cat puddles
  • cat doo-doo
  • trash, laundry, and clutter-pile "rugs"
  • "rental-unit brown" carpet with ketchup stains

Mud Making Door

Vacuum Cleaner

Got kids? Then you've also got dirt! Just like in real life, floors show traffic dirt and need to be vacuumed. I am sure sim moms everywhere hate me for inventing this.

You need to have all of the EP's for it to work, or at the very least Hot Date, Unleashed, and possibly Vacation. Follow the installation instructions carefully. Your neater sims will be a lot quicker to vacuum without being told. (the dirt appears when your sims walk through the special door)

Hacked Carportal

You Git Now!

This is a "hack" you will appreciate if you are trying to manage a large sim family. These files will make going to work and school a MAXIMUM PRIORITY. Your sims will automatically stop what they are doing and RUN to catch the bus or carpool when it arrives. If they are asleep, they will wake up and go immediately... uncombed hair and pillowcase-faced!

Remember to back up the files that these hacked files will replace in case you want to go back to the old way.