Sims Levittown

An authentic trip through the fabulous 1950's using the popular PC game THE SIMS 1

Reservable SMART Beds with Birchwood Headboard Set

These SMART Beds make for a more realistic, more autonomous gameplay. They are "invisible" to Sims (and unavailable to click) unless certain requirements are met. During the day they become "invisible" to sims unless the sim is quite tired -then the bed becomes a very high motive "irresistible" object. At bedtime, they become very high-motive regardless of how awake the sim thinks he is. In other words, sims choose the bed when they should be in bed. Also encourages the sim to go back to bed if awakened for any reason in the middle of the night. What these beds prevent is exhaustion failures and sims wandering around like a bunch of kooks and nuts in the middle of the night.

Bookshelf Cabinets with a Built-in Look

Taper-Leg Chair

Auto Blinds


This zipped file contains 2 global files that you must install according to the directions I included -do not just throw the whole folder in your Sim File Maid.

'coon alarm flamingo

This flamingo thinks he's a red-bone hound. He jumps up and down whenever he sees a raccoon, and summons the animal control person, so your sims can get some sleep at night.

50's Art Pack (3 paintings)

Oak Component Furniture System

Meal-timed Tables

Meal-timed Tables

For houses with dining rooms, and space for a small table in the kitchen, also. Causes your sims to eat breakfast and lunch in the kitchen, and dinner in the dining room.

Custom Fitted Blinds for Little Windows

Custom Fitted Blinds for Little Windows

These blinds are custom configured to the Levitt2 Narrow Window and the Levitt2 Modern Window. Tested and approved... these blinds will not bleed through corners or ceilings, stick out a half-foot from the window (sorry, Maxis) or aggravate you in any way.